Firstly, welcome to my blog. I would sit and tell you all about me and why i’m starting a blog on a cold Sunday evening, but who cares? (If you do care, check the about section on my site). It doesn’t matter who I am to you but what I know, and the things i’ll share, might just have some value to you.

You might find it ironic that i’m discussing content marketing and it’s value considering i’m writing a blog post as we speak. However, I won’t lie, i’ve been waiting a little while to find an opening topic for my blog, and then, this evening, I came across a discussion on Linkedin about Content marketing and whether it was BS or not. So is it?

What is Content Marketing?

For anybody who doesn’t know, Forbes defines  Content marketing  as ‘a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.’

The Value

The key thing to remember, is value. I read an interesting book over the summer that speaks at length on valuable content marketing if you ever fancy a read:

Valuable Content Marketing:How to Make Quality Content the Key to Your Business
 Content marketing can be debated, but valuable content can’t, because it’s valuable (obviously). So what is it that gets even the most profound marketers questioning how much content marketing works? Well to me the consumer, content marketing speaks volumes because i’m getting exciting, engaging content (usually for free). To me, the marketer, do i believe content marketing is imperative, maybe not, do i think valuable content is? Absolutely.
When I speak of valuable content, I mean the kind of content that gets the consumer to trust me. In an ever-growing skeptical consumer market, how do I get people to trust me? For example, if I create content that isn’t engaging or informative, why am I creating it in the first place? I need valuable content to be authoritative, how can I tell you I know what i’m talking about when none of my content is of any use? Would you hire a photographer without seeing their portfolio?

So is it a thing, or Isn’t it just being used anyway?

Blogs, automatic e-mail lists, guides, help videos, aren’t these all pieces of content brands are using anyway? Is this Content marketing? Or is this just how to market today? If brands make no effort to use content to obtain custom or generate leads, how do they expect the customer to trust them? Content marketing isn’t a new concept, it’s just something brands now HAVE to do to succeed. It’s always been a thing, it’s just that many years ago, brand advertisements were more trusted or peer review wasn’t as easily accessible anyway. The lack of trust has lead to brands and consultants having to prove themselves before consumers will even consider choosing their product or service. This forces brands to want to help their customers, for free and make life easier, isn’t all business just solving the customers problems?

There is no doubt that content marketing builds trust, so long as it’s valuable. It’s well known that relationships are built on trust, and trust turns into purchase. So content marketing, in my opinion IS the way forward, if you’re doing it right and making it valuable.

But hay, what do I know?


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