The Marketing world can be crowded, the loudest guy in the room is often the guy that makes the sale, or appeals to the masses, just because he’s the loudest, but what about the guy who isn’t so extroverted and loud, how does he get noticed? He’s smart, he doesn’t say much, but what he does say provides value, insight and innovation.

How do big corporations do well on social media? Is it just being the loudest guy in the room, or is it the content they provide. It’s not difficult to use big brands techniques to gain interest or leads, so why don’t all small brands do it?

The consumers view

As a young consumer myself, I am forever witnessing small brands (usually clothing brands) desperate for voice in the big world that is social media, so how can they get heard? Too often I see brands using reps or ambassadors as means of generating an audience, this is all well and good for a clothing brand of course; get people with a large following to rep your brand and you’re good to go. However, what about the brands that aren’t clothes, the new soft drinks brands, the product innovators, the service brands? How do they prove their value to the consumer. I truly believe, as a consumer the only way a brand will catch my youthful attention is to provide something that

1. Interests me (i’m young, I want to look at something cool and different, I don’t want stats and figures)

2. Actually provides some value to me.

A fantastic example of an organisation that captivates young minds whilst remaining an insightful business resource for industry is the Business Insider and their social media presence. Not only now a news provider, but a provider of awesome content, the Business Insider social media team are leading the way when it comes to brands separating from their traditional mission statement and ethos. A quick scroll through their Facebook page shows you that they remain focussed and professional, with the odd post unrelated to business and about something cool, like dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs? Thats besides the point, it is these posts that circulate the internet, that go viral and ultimately build traffic.

Now i know what you’re thinking, the business insider is NOT a small brand trying to find a voice, they’ve already got a large following. However, it is their strategy that is to be admired and can most certainly be adopted by much smaller brands. They prove consistently that you can stray away from your traditional content, you can dare to be a little different and you will generate traffic and interest. I’d like to see the figures on people who’ve clicked on an unrelated to business, business insider post and ended up giving their page a like, just in the hope that they’ll get another video of a dog riding  a skateboard. It’s this innovation that leads to success, the world is crowded, small brands know this but many fail to combat it directly.

So to you small brands, yes it’s crowded but don’t be afraid. If David was afraid of Goliath he’d have never came out victorious. Don’t be scared to put aside your ultimate goal for a moment and take an interesting or valuable content detour, it might just generate traffic. Whether that traffic is there for the right reasons or not, one of the posts that DOES relate to your brand might just be of value to somebody who wouldn’t have even known about your brand if you didn’t post a picture of that Cat in a fruit bowl.

But hay, what do I know?


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