Who am I?

I’m Darren Garrod, a Marketing student from the Essex coast, currently living in Leicester. Marketing, music and Rugby are three of my biggest passions as i’m sure you’ll learn.

My aim?

My aim is to help you; the reader, the customer, the business owner who wants to learn, the aspiring marketer, the established marketer. I want you to know all that is going on in the marketing world, okay, maybe not all, but i’ll certainly give you some information thats for sure. The purpose of my blog is to discuss, challenge, and inform. The marketing world can be crowded and I want to give you a safe haven to learn in the simplest of ways.

Feel free to connect with me:

@twitter: https://twitter.com/Garrodmarketing

@Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/

Enjoy, have a read, it’s free content, who wouldn’t want that?